It’s our aspiration to continue growing and increasing our production and to continue conquering new markets.

Our experienceof more than 20 years in textile and all the know-how acquired from all the process of production and sales, give us the confidence to grow bigger and better.

The necessity of adapting to the global market through digital supports of communication as well as the focus on technology in the production area are fundamental.

Above all, we believe in a progressive and innovative act of creation, year after year, always keeping in mind the customer who will wear, feel, and live in our clothes.

There is no more B2C (Business to Consumer), nor B2B (Business to Business), but H2H – Human to Human.

Materials that we work with



  • Cotton
  • Spandex
  • Lyocell
  • Flax fibers
  • Modal fabric
  • Poliéster
  • Tencel
  • Viscose


  • Fabric
  • Jersey
  • Rib
  • Piquet
  • Fluff
  • Interlock
  • Italian and American fluff


  • High frequency
  • Embroidery
  • Sequins and beads embroideries
  • glued stitching
  • Special effects (leaves, membranes..)
  • Laser print
  • Total print
  • Digital and traditional print
  • Induction
  • Sublimation
  • Bonded fabrics
  • All types of fusion processes