We are a company specialized in the production and development of garments for women.

We focus on the design and colors in our collection as well as the best quality of the materials we use.

Each of our collections are made with the full dedication of all who work in this creative and productive process.



95% of all our production is exported. Our brands are in Europe, South America and North America.

We own 3 brands.
Kalisson and Bagoraz have been in the market for 20 years and are the mirror of all our experience and know-how. These are brands sold in B2B (Business to Business).

In 2021, aware that the future is the digital market, we created our first brand for the final consumer and launched Get in Vibe, our online store.

It is a brand made up of pieces aimed at the active woman who manages to combine the classic and the formal with a touch of vitality and design achieved by the cuts of the pieces and the color.


Designed for plus size women who express themselves through fashion without compromise, combining classic with a touch of vitality and design, achieved through color and shape.


A brand created for all women who want to boost their lives through design, versatility and comfort.  Commitment to quality and sustainability. More than a brand, it’s a lifestyle.



Our experience of more than 20 years in textile and all the know-how gained from the process of production and sales, giveus the confidence togo and conquer bigger and better.

We are an industrial reference in the production of clothes that respond to the everyday needs of an active and modern woman in the national and international scene.

what we belive

Our focal point is going through a growing stage with as its base three fundamentalements:


We believe that only through creation and color does textile have a future.  It’s essential to nourish the world of sensations through fashion.


It’s through digital technology that the world evolves and advances. This will bethe way that businesses will have to follow if they wish to grow and succeed.


The essential element that we can never forget is PEOPLE: our team and our clients that accompany us every day and who have an important role in our success in creativity and production.