Founded in 1997, in the heart of the Portugal textile country, Barcelos, GIVEC defined from the very beginning its own strategy and its own development to create its own brands and products.

GIVEC specialized in clothes for women with its own visual identity and a very original creative processin quality and design.

We are a company of more than 20 years, founded in 1997, that was born from the visionary dreams of a brother and sister who combined their productive and commercial knowledge to create their own brand

They conquered the French market with the production of women’s t-shirts, jackets and dresses of 100% cotton.

Our best seller for many years was a t-shirt with a striped squareneck which was mentioned in the magazine Marie-Claire in a French coastal city called Carnac.


The article ends with these words “Who is the woman in Carnac who hasn’t her own striped square neck t-shirt?” referring to Givec’s creation.

“All your dreams can come true

if you have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney